What’s causing your health problems?

Do you have friends and family who still haven’t gotten the ”message” about what is causing their obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, alzheimers, candida, and perhaps even cancer (because cancer cells love this as well)?

Check out this Irish documentary, which you can watch with the whole family, about the first step.

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How to lose weight in two steps

How to lose weight; step 1… and you may have already guessed:

1. Dump the sugar/artificial sweeteners in candy, cookies, cakes, sodas, sauces, yogurts…

Step two is the next very important step:

2. Watch the video above

Here is what you should eat instead and here is why!

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Happy New Year! Do you want to lose weight this year? This video will give you a hint how to do it and you can read more about it here.

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On the Swedish 10 o´clock news yesterday

This was on the Swedish 10 o’clock news yesterday, and probably good for you, most of the video is in English.

Perhaps this “medicine” could help.

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The new faces of coke


Look at these photos! These are some of the dietitians, doctors, fitness experts, authors, chefs, etc. who have accepted funds from Coca-Cola. Sugar is the new tobacco. Don’t trust people saying that products with sugar or artificial sweeteners are good for you!

Get the full story here:
The New Faces of Coke
21 Strangest Coca-Cola Partnerships
An Open Letter to Health Organizations Funded by Coca-Cola

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Let’s talk breast cancer

Let’s talk about breast cancer. In the 1960′s, one in twenty women were diagnosed with breast cancer; today that number has risen to one in eight women. We have to ask ourselves why!

More about cancer.

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Start a healthy lifestyle

Check out this important discussion! It really sums everything up about starting a healthier life. Be sure to add allergies or intolerance to gluten, dairy, eggs etc. that could cause a problem, I see this in my work all the time.

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It’s never too late!

She’s the world’s fastest 70 year old woman and she’s Swedish. It’s never too late!

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How to eliminate IBS

Say hi to Dr. Mark Hyman again. Now he wants to fix your IBS and other issues.

More about IBS and other gut problems.

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What does alcohol do to us?

This is a very interesting documentary from BBC telling us what a moderate intake of alcohol or heavy drinking can do to us. Is there a difference?

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