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A great new way to learn things!

I have just discovered live seminars and wow what a great way to learn new things! A few weeks ago I watched Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive, present for three very interesting days that I will write about soon. (more…)

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What is the problem with our pets?

What’s the problem with our pets? Many of them are obese, have high blood sugar, and even diabetes. The problem is the same as with humans; they are eating too many bad carbohydrates like wheat, corn, oats, and rice, and not what they are meant to eat. I had cats when I was young and if they could choose what to eat, they chose mice (=protein and fat).

Have you ever seen an obese wild animal? Me neither, but click the funny video above to see what it might look like if wild animals ate fast food.

Spread the word and save lives!


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The “death” of low fat food!



This week there have been many articles in Swedish newspapers about the press release from SBU, the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment. We even posted about it earlier this week. The following snippets and quotes are from this article and is from one newspaper, translated by Google and myself.

Fat provides a fat thin waist

Butter, olive oil, cream and bacon are not dangerous. On the contrary, fat is the best for those who want to lose weight, and a connection between high fat intake and cardiovascular disease does not exist. (more…)

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Big news from Sweden!


For over two years the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment has gathered a group of experts, professors and doctors to discussed what food to recommend to obese people. Today, after having read all the recent studies, their press release came and their conclusion is: (more…)

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This is how sugar can hijack your brain!

This is a short video about what´s happening when sugar hijacks your brain and makes you a sugar addict.

This is a new article about sugar: “Sugar is addictive and the most dangerous drug of the times.”

Click here to read more about sugar addiction.

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How much more tax money do you want to spend?


How much more tax money do you want to spend on health care?

The U.S. spends $2.8 trillion annually on health care, or 17.8 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, according to the World Health Organization. Sugar, wheat and chemicals are hijacking our brains and the diseases which come of it are hijacking the economy.

Click here and here to get more information about how sugar and wheat are killing us.

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How I got rid of my diabetes


This is Laila. Nine years ago she noticed that something was wrong; she lost her nails, had dry skin, was tired and thirsty all the time. She had diabetes type 2. She was recommended to avoid sugar and fat and to eat according to the food pyramid, so she ate low fat products, rice, potatoes and pasta. Her daughter had lost 50 kg by eating natural food/LCHF and when she found an article about diabetes and low carb food she showed it to Laila. Laila told her diabetes nurse that she wanted to try strictly LCHF and the nurse was good with that and gave her a new sphygmomanometer to be able to measure her blood sugar often and adjust her insulin dosage.

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Norway´s famous low carb doctor!


Dr. Sofie Hexeberg is a well known low carb doctor in Norway, and she has written seven books about LCHF/low carb food. Dr. Hexeberg was a fat frightened vegetarian for 15 years but when she discovered LCHF (low carb, healthy fat) her bloated stomach, hyperacidity, and strong sugar and carb cravings disappeared. (more…)

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Your body language shapes who you are

Does our body language change our minds? Can we fake it till we make it? This is a great talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy which has been seen by nearly 10 million people on the Internet. This is important and life changing knowledge for all of us!

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An enormous waste. Just say – no thank you!


This is the paper I got from some university students on my way to the grocery store. I usually bring my reusable bags but last week I forgot to bring them. As a test, I did not say that I wanted as much as possible in each bag. I ended up with Nine plastic bags and about three items in every bag. Do you want to stop this enormous waste to save our environment? (more…)

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