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Inner life of a cell

This is an award winning video created for cellular biology students at Harvard University – A journey through a microscopic world of a cell.

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Pure and simple – Eat Real Food



Prescription: Eat Real Food, without sugar and grains. LCHF “Low carb healthy fat” lifestyle.

What kind of time frame: Symptoms could be alleviated in as little as one month to several years; it’s a lifestyle.

What you can lose: weight, diseases and sugar (carb) addictions.

What you can gain: life back, energy.

Source: and

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Sitting kills


I have a problem! I’m sitting too much and I know that it’s not good for me, because sitting kills. I have a standing desk in Sweden but not here in the U.S.

I’m glad to see that even schools are starting to use standing desks. In Sweden the students have recess between about every second subject; a recess where the students are outside getting fresh air and playing (hopefully!). Here in the U.S. I think it’s more common to sit for longer periods because of the lack of a recess. Perhaps standing desks would be a good alternative. (more…)

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May 24th, Monsanto-march in cities all over the world


A Monsanto-march tomorrow, Saturday May 24th.

Do you want to march against Monsanto? You can do it in these cities around the world and get more information here.

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How you can avoid GMO foods

Watch this short video.

Buy as much organic as possible and avoid processed foods at all costs.

Look for the following label when shopping for groceries:
usda (more…)

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Scientists under attack

Here is a video featuring several prominent scientists discussing GMO and Monsanto.

Did you now that EWG calculated that the average American annually consumes genetically engineered foods, GMO, in these quantities:

68 pounds of beet sugar
58 pounds of corn syrup
38 pounds of soybean oil
29 pounds of corn-based products
a total of 193 pounds (87kg) every year.

Educate yourself about GMOs.
See this scary GMO video
Three things to know about GMO
The toxicity of RoundUp
Retracted GMO studies
Inflammation and GMO foods

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Chemical warfare – horrific birth defects


Carlos Candelario was born without arms and legs. His mother had been exposed to a cocktail of toxic pesticides whilst harvesting tomatoes. Are you okay with all these pesticides and GMO crops? What do you think? Read more about it here. (more…)

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The severe effects of gluten


Did you watch this great video with Dr. Perlmutter?

This is a new episode of Dr. Oz show where Dr. Perlmutter continues talking about the severe effects of gluten.

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Swedish Breakfast Buns (gluten free, low carb)


Last weekend I made these super easy, gluten free breakfast buns. So good! In fact one of the best recipes I have tried. I did mine “big” with butter, cheese, ham, cucumber, and bell pepper.

Authority Nutrition has done this fabulous gathering of gluten free low carb, bread recipes. So, the ones above are the Swedish Breakfast buns and next time I will try the Flatbread.

So, why use coconut flour and almond flour instead of all-purpose gluten free flour? Because the all purpose flour is not low carb and very often can spike your blood sugar levels very high, exactly as most of the gluten free products in a grocery store.

Stay tuned for more gluten free, low carb recipes!

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The problems with gluten free foods

Dr. Peter Osborne from Sugar Land, Texas is one of the main experts on gluten sensitivity in the U.S. In these video he’s explaining why so many people are having problems with gluten and why so often going gluten free isn’t enough.

Here is Part 2!

Have a peak at our previous post about the 55 diseases that are linked to gluten.

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