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How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

This is a very powerful talk by Allan Savory. He made a big mistake once, which he wanted to make up for. Now, he gives hope to our planet.

Check out our other posts and pages on how you can help save our planet.

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What’s gluten?

Gluten, celiac disease, leaky gut…What’s the problem? What is gluten?

Listen to this short video by Dr. Tom O’Bryan, a gluten specialist. By the way, right now he’s here in Sweden giving lectures about gluten.

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Go GMO-free!

My wish for 2015 is that everyone will go GMO-free and that it will be labeled in the U.S.

Listen to this short informative video and you will understand why.

More about GMO.

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Trends for 2015


I heard about the “trends” for 2015 and it made me happy. Finally I’m trendy! For many of you this is probably “2012.”

  • Sugar is “out,” including artificial sweeteners I hope.
  • Salt and sour, as in fermenting, vinegar etc. are in.
  • Fat like butter, coconut oil, etc. are back.
  • Protein from insects is in, like bars made of cricket flour (too much sugar). Thank you, but no thank you. Not for me.

Personally I think that going grain-free is also a trend, without eating gluten-free junk food of course. Read about what to avoid from the Authority Nutrition.

Next time I’m going to write about my wish; that it will be trendy for everyone.

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Is alcohol good for you? No it’s not and especially not for your liver. Alcohol has an aging effect on the body.

There are some big differences between USA and Sweden when it comes to alcohol. The only places you can buy alcohol in Sweden are special stores owned by the government. There is no alcohol, except low alcohol beers, in the super markets. Another difference is that in Sweden there are a lot of organic products, like wines, in these special stores called “Systembolaget.”

If you like drinking alcohol occasionally, here is a roadmap about alcohol from Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive. Interesting about the toxins!

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How to cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a few days

During the holidays the body’s machinery often has to work extra hard. In this video Dr. Mark Hyman will teach us how to cure bowel problems in a few days.

Here you can read about how Mark Sisson got rid of his IBS.

More about IBS, UC, etc.

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The best of 2014 – Ted Talks about food and health


Do you have 75 minutes free this weekend? Perhaps 12 minutes? These are the top five ranked TED Talks about food and health:

1. Fight the food occupation


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England to force new smoking ban


It makes me angry and sad to see children sitting in a car with smoking adults.

The toxic fumes deployed from smoking in a car are 11 times more concentrated than lighting up in an open space.

A Department of Health survey found 300,000 children a year visited GPs in England with problems linked to second-hand smoke.

Passive smoking is linked to respiratory infections such as pneumonia and chest infections in youngsters. It can also trigger asthma attacks and contribute to sudden unexpected infant death. (more…)

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