Several recent studies indicate that over training can pose significant risks to your heart, some of which may be irreversible and life threatening. Watch this video by cardiologist James O´Keefe and find out how to exercise the healthiest way, according to him.
Don´t forget that hard exercise can cause magnesium deficiency! Magnesium helps the heart muscle to relax.

What does the former world-class marathon runner, Ironman triathlete, author, and blogger, Mark Sisson, say about exercise?

Today most of us either are too sedentary or conduct workouts that are too stressful and misaligned with our primal genetic requirements for optimal health. Too many lengthy workouts at elevated heart rates (above 75 percent of maximum) can put you at risk of exhaustion, burnout, injury, and illness. At the extreme – such as with the overtrained marathon runner or ironman triathlete – a commitment to fitness can actually accelerate the aging process and elevate the risk of heart disease. Our bodies are simply not adapted to benefit from chronic aerobic exercise at intense or even mildly uncomfortable heart rates nor to slog through exhausting circuits of resistance machines several days a week.

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