Since 2007 the University Hospital of Wurzburg, Germany has recommended a diet very low in carbohydrates but high in healthy fats and protein for patients with advanced cancer.
The University Hospital of Wurzburg writes:

The food we eat has always stood in direct relationship to the development of diseases and cancer. Certain foods and diets are considered harmful, others healthy. Everyone should eat a healthy, low toxic diet based on natural food.

Cancer cells have a different metabolism than healthy body cells. Tumor tissue prefers sugar for energy and produces its own fatty acids. In contrast, the healthy cells of cancer patients often have a problem utilizing carbohydrates and the metabolism favors fat for energy. We would like to show you a diet that reduces the tumor’s sugar supply, carbohydrates, while providing the body with enough energy in the form of fat and protein.

A low carbohydrate and high fat diet is called a ketogenic diet and is used worldwide for the treatment of certain diseases, for example epilepsy in children and adipositas (obesity). Previously published case studies of tumor patients on a ketogenic diet give us a reason to hope that this diet can stop the spread of a tumor disease, or at least slow it down. This diet can also minimize the side effects of chemotherapy (fatigue, exhaustion, stomach pain, and nausea) and prevent weight loss – especially the loss of muscle.

Cancer cells have “a giant appetite for sugar” but have a problem burning fat to meet its energy demands. Perhaps a low carb, healthy fat diet can prevent us from getting cancer in the first place?

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