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All disease begins in the gut – Hippocrates

If you think about what Hippocrates is saying, it’s not very strange, to think that people will feel better after a couple of weeks removing allergens from their diets. I have written about elimination diets before and back then it took three weeks now it’s down to one week according to Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book. Is three weeks of your lifetime really too long? Isn’t it worth three to four weeks to try an elimination diet with the chance of getting well from headaches, brain fog, stomach pain, and many other health issues? You will be amazed how quickly a body can heal.

Take a peak at Dr. Hyman explaining his one week elimination diet …..or make it 3-4 weeks. A small part of your life that can make a huge difference!

Spread the word and save lives!

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By now, you know that I love success stories and one of my favorite Facebook pages is Wheat Belly. When they recently asked their amazing followers if they had experienced a reduction or reversal of any AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION with wheat/grain elimination?

They got these amazing comments:

I have lowered my thyroid antibodies from over 400 to 298 after one year wheat free. Keeping in mind that I have had Hashimoto’s for 20 Years and didn’t know about my wheat allergy, a 25% reduction is a decent improvement in only one year. Down 85 pounds now…


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Glutathione – the mother of all antioxidants

To put an end, for now, about this weeks’ topic about my struggle with Lyme disease. I will show this video with Dr. Mark Hyman about the importance of the antioxidant glutathione.

More important videos about glutathione

Dr. Keller about glutathione
Dr. Oz about glutathione

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An amazing success story – epilepsy

Part I:

This is an amazing success story about a boy with epilepsy. His father is a successful director from Hollywood and one day he found a book that would change everything.

Part II:

This is a link to their website.

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What to eat on the GAPS Diet

So, what exactly is this GAPS diet? What do you eat when you’re on it?

Listen to this video of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride talking about what foods to eat and which foods to avoid. Her son had autism so she has been very focused on helping children with autism.

Here you have the GAPS Diet shopping list and a FAQ about food and health problems.

If you are interested in the GAPS Diet, I recommend you read any or all of her books.

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GAPS Diet – food is medicine

Last week I wrote about the biggest buzz at the moment, GAPS Diet and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and is a way to heal the digestive system.

MS and other autoimmune diseases, allergies, schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, depression, diabetes type 1, arthritis, cancer, heart problems, epilepsy, skin conditions etc.; all can be treated, according to Dr. Campbell-McBride, just by following the GAPS diet for a limited time.

This is a must-see video by Dr. Campbell-McBride where she explains the system in detail. Watch it and I don´t think you will regret it!

So, what exactly do you eat on the GAPS diet? Stay tuned for more information tomorrow.

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Can you cure Alzheimer’s?

Watch this phenomenal success story about a man with Alzheimer´s. And, what about these diseases, can they be cured the same way too.

  • Parkinson´s
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig´s disease)
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Autism

After this tip, also eliminate gluten and limit the intake of sugar and starch. As she says in the video, experts are now calling Alzheimer´s for diabetes type III; the diabetes of the brain, because of high levels of blood sugar and insulin, as a result of bad food choices.

Get some more information about Alzheimer´s here.

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Dr. Oz, about gluten!

This is a must-see video from Dr. Oz. He is talking about gluten sensitivity, all the symptoms and what you can do if you experience these symptoms.

Don´t forget that the LCHF lifestyle is naturally gluten free and that is probably why it is so successful when it comes to healing the body, getting rid of disease and fighting obesity.

Here you have the LCHF shopping list and comments about what to avoid.

Don´t forget to register for the FREE webinar about gluten.

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On this episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Pearlmutter visited and informed us about some of the diseases linked to wheat and gluten. Pay special attention to what kind of food he’s recommending us to eat. You might get a kick out of this as Dr. Oz has a very funny way of explaining things.


If you want to read Dr. Pearlmutter’s bestselling book, you can buy it here.

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This can change your life, and others!

Please stop what you are doing and take a moment to watch this brand new video. This is one of the most important videos I have posted so far.

For eight days and over thirty hours, together with over 110,000 physicians and other people from all over the world, I have been watching The Gluten Summit featuring twenty-nine of the world´s leading experts in nutrition, food, gluten, general health, gut health, etc. This video is a summary by the host and creator Dr. Tom O´Bryan, of www.theDr.com.

Give it the time of day and you won´t regret it! Don´t forget to share it with your physician and ask him/her to buy The Gluten Summit (link on the right side of this blog) to be able to watch all twenty-nine talks. I guarantee these will change many people’s lives for the better!

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 19th 10:00 A.M. EST (3:00 P.M. GMT) until Wednesday the 20th 9:59 A.M. EST (2:59 P.M. GMT), you can see the talks voted by the viewers as the best talks on this summit. ALL FOR FREE!

Spread the word and save lives!

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