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Hey, listen up! This is important. Are you with me?

I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago, but it needs to be blogged about as well.

This is the trailer for the new film “Moldy” which is a scary film about all the hundreds of symptoms you can get from a moldy home, workplace, or from food. Everything from brain fog, heart problems, anger, CFS, to unexplained weight gain or weight loss. Don’t miss this one because I’m sure you know people living in moldy houses or ones just feeling bad and don’t know why.

I sometimes think about if the house where I lived in the U.S. had mold? It had a leaky roof and my Lyme disease symptoms always felt much worse when I was home. I was told that it is nearly impossible to get well from Lyme if you are exposed to mold and sometimes it can be the cause.

Now you have your chance to watch the full movie for FREE but the offer ends Saturday the 13th so hurry up.

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How bacteria become resistant

This is an interesting video about bacteria and antibiotics. Sometimes we really need to take antibiotics for example with Lyme disease but don’t take it for the wrong reasons, and always finish the course. The overuse of antibiotics in farming must be stopped and you have the power to stop it with your wallet!

Get more information from Dr. Mercola in this matter.

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What happens in your body when you switch from eating conventional non-Organic food to Organic food? Check out this video to see what happens with this Swedish family switched.

This is a small Swedish study ordered by a Swedish supermarket chain (conflict of interest?) but when the Swedish environmental research institute explained the results on TV this morning they said that these results are confirm earlier research.

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How to avoid diabetes and heart problems

Here it comes again…a must-see-talk for everyone.

Easy and simple; how to avoid getting diabetes type 2 (or reverse it), heart problems, and obesity by Dr. Sarah Hallberg (a very Swedish family name by the way). If millions of people knew this a lot of suffering could be avoided. Please spread the message!

More about diabetes and what to eat

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The research team asks whether the intestinal barrier is affected by MS, from left: Mehrnaz Nouri, Bjorn Weström and Shahram Lavasani. Missing in the picture Anders Bredberg.

I found a very interesting article today from Lund University in Sweden:

Damage to the intestinal barrier in multiple sclerosis.

Researchers at Lund University published new research on intestinal barrier’s role in the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis.
Within the world of medical science no one knows for sure how MS occurs and why the immune system attacks cells in the central nervous system (CNS). Inflammation occurs for unknown reasons allowing nerve impulses to deteriorate. This can cause various physical and mental symptoms, including numbness, motor difficulties, blurred vision, dizziness, and fatigue. (more…)

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This is an enlightening film about Avril Lavigne and her struggle with Lyme disease. It is important to remember not everyone will get a rash, only about 50 % will, and I didn’t.

Avril Lavigne had to change her lifestyle, as it is very important to heal and seal a leaky gut, to be able to get well from Lyme.

More about Lyme disease

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Watch this video with an open mind. Is he onto something about cancer? A few people here in Sweden are spreading the same message. What do you think?

More about how hospitals in Germany are starving cancer cells.

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Yes, why not a skin summit. Skin is the largest organ in the body and can be affected by bad food, hormonal problems, bad sleep, stress, etc. Watch and learn!

The summit is online and FREE April 27 to May 4 2015. Register here And here you can learn “How to Heal your Gut.”

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Do you spray the weed killer Round Up in your garden or do you eat it when eating GMO products?

Glyphosate (Round Up) probably cause cancer in humans – W.H.O.

In this new video
(sorry for the bad quality!) Dr. Oz and experts are discussing this very serious issue. The GMO company Monsanto is the manufacturer of Round Up. They were also invited to this episode of Dr. Oz show but they turned the offer down. The Grocery Manufacturers Association did the same.

More about GMO.

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Today April 13, 2015, is the two year anniversary of the day I started this blog. After many blog posts I´m still blogging about the simple message: Eat real food. If you are a newcomer you can easily find all the posts on the right side, categorized according to month or topic. At the top you find a shopping list, what food to avoid, “The Key” etc.

Lately I have been more and more active on Facebook sharing just as many interesting articles. So, if you don’t want to miss the very latest information when it comes to food and health, please join us on Facebook as well. If you are friends with us already but not able to see our posts, you probably need to interact once in a while (share, like, comment) to be able to see our posts in the future.

I’m very grateful for the over 70,000 visits this past year from all over the world. I hope that you continue to visit, read our great articles, and that the posts will make a difference in your life.

To your health (and mine),

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