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How to get whiter teeth naturally


There is a great way to whiten teeth naturally without using toxic chemicals.

Just use Activated Charcoal! Activated Charcoal is something that should be in the “emergency kit” if you have children, to give them if they have eaten something toxic, or in case of food poisoning.

It’s very easy! Just wet a toothbrush, open a capsule with Activated Charcoal (must be Activated!) and put it on the toothbrush. Brush for several minutes, spit it out, and rinse with water! You can also use Activated Charcoal in powder form if you prefer. I usually brush with toothpaste before I brush with Activated Charcoal, but I do not brush with Activated Charcoal every day; for a week once in a while only.

Another way is to empty a capsule directly in your mouth, brush for a while and swish it around in your mouth while showering. Spit it out and rinse with water.

Get more information here for example to check if the Activated Charcoal is from a coconut or wood source and not from petroleum.

Yes, it’s messy but it’s worth it…and you will look quite scary.

Happy Halloween!


Spread the word and save lives!

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Some amazing guides to use

EWG Environmental Working Group is doing a great job making it easier for us to get rid of the chemicals around us. In the video above the president of EWG is speaking about a new food database that will be launched later this year. In the mean time, below you have some guides in produce, personal care products, and healthy cleaning. (more…)

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