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Why we shouldn’t give gluten to kids: Part 2


This is the second part of a two part series, check out the first post if you missed it, about when Dr. Davis asked his followers on Wheat Belly Facebook page:

Parents: What have you noticed in your CHILDREN who have gone wheat- and grain-free?

Our 5 1/2 year old is no longer falling asleep unexpectedly during the day. She is in better spirits, has no more sudden mucus-like bowel movements or diarrhea, has no more rashes on bottom or backs of arms and is overall soooo much better!!


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Why we shouldn’t give gluten to kids! Part 1


It makes me sad to hear about children with health problems; many of them are so young and already struggling with health issues. Read some of the quotes below for answers to why many of our children, and many of us, should not eat grains. Tell me afterwards; do you think becoming grain-free is a fad diet or is it a lifestyle worth trying for a period of time to see what will happen?

On October 21st Dr. Davis asked his Wheat Belly followers:

Parents: What have you noticed in your CHILDREN who have gone wheat and grain free?

Here are their comments:

My daughter went grain free in 8th grade. She lost 50 pounds, cut minutes off her mile time, and hardly ever gets sick. She is a senior now and has maintained her weight and her grain free lifestyle. She has not cheated in 4 years.


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Harmful energy drinks



World Health Organization has warned children and teenagers are at risk of potentially harmful adverse and developmental effects

Lead researcher calls for restrictions to be put in place to limit sales of energy drinks

Sweden has banned the sale of energy drinks to kids.

Read about the harmful effects:
Sales of sugar and caffeine laden energy drinks should be restricted
Why Health Officials Are Concerned About Energy Drinks

What do you think? Do you give energy drinks to kids?

Spread the word and save lives!

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The Virgin Diet


I’m very skeptic to the word “diet,” especially books with the word. But, recently I was very surprised and impressed when I listened to J.J. Virgin, the author of The Virgin Diet.

The Virgin Diet is an elimination diet. For three weeks you will take away 100% of the seven below:

  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Peanuts
  • Sugar/sweeteners
  • Dairy
  • Gluten

No snacking is allowed. Often the food you crave the most is the worst for you. Don’t forget to drink a lot of filtered water.
How are you feeling after three weeks without the above? Hopefully much better. Slowly introduce the above foods again. I would not introduce sugar/artificial sweeteners, gluten, corn, soy and peanuts again though. After every meal you should feel energized.

It’s fairly easy to do and it’s inexpensive; a great way to find what is causing you issues.

Here is our shopping list to help with the food planning (exclude eggs and dairy).

Good luck!

Spread the word and save lives!

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To Juice or not to juice?

Yes, they are here again! Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive and Abel James, the Fat-burning Man. Now they are discussing juicing, to be or not to be and what to eat according to them.

I´m not a “juicer” myself but I could see, while living in the U.S. that it has been a big deal and probably still is.

Spread the word and save lives!

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By now, you know that I love success stories and one of my favorite Facebook pages is Wheat Belly. When they recently asked their amazing followers if they had experienced a reduction or reversal of any AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION with wheat/grain elimination?

They got these amazing comments:

I have lowered my thyroid antibodies from over 400 to 298 after one year wheat free. Keeping in mind that I have had Hashimoto’s for 20 Years and didn’t know about my wheat allergy, a 25% reduction is a decent improvement in only one year. Down 85 pounds now…


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Have you found your perfect diet?

Have you found your perfect diet yet? Which should be for the rest of your life so that’s why I often prefer to call it “lifestyle” instead of a diet. Paleo, LCHF (low carb healthy fat)………

This is a laid-back conversation between Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive and Abel James, the Fat-burning Man. Two “high performance” men discussing food and health. As they say:

If you are not thinking, then you will be doing it wrong

If you are on Paleo and start to eat processed foods marked “Paleo”, think again. It´s still processed food! Don’t be fooled into eat highly processed foods marked “low carb”, “Paleo”, “Vegan”, or even “gluten free.”

What’s the perfect diet for you?

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This is a trailer of another new film about carbs called Carb-loaded – a culture dying to eat.

I think it is high time we start talking about TOFI’s; people that are thin on the outside and fat (and often diabetic) on the inside. And, the danger of having elevated blood sugar (and insulin) levels around the clock.

Do you eat every five hours because you’re hungry again or after two and a half hours because your blood sugar is getting low?

Spread the word and save lives!

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Do you have a fatty liver?

Dr. Mark Hyman is talking about the most common disease in America; Fatty Liver. It affects about 90 million Americans and it creates a whole cascade of issues, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Insulin resistance
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Cancer

Even if you are slim you can have a fatty liver.

Here is what to do to avoid a fatty liver.

Spread the word and save lives!

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Is candida the root cause of your health problems?

This is a great video with Ann Boroch ND a candida specialist. Is candida the root cause of your health problems? Take this test to see if you might have candida.

If you have Candida I recommend that you go on a strict candida diet for a minimum of three weeks up to three months. (more…)

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