If you want to learn much more about nutrition you have a great chance now. Between January 27th and 31st you are able to listen to over 50 experts online FOR FREE. Each interview will be available to view for free for 24 hours after the scheduled start times (Please note all times below are in Eastern Standard Time, USA.).

Below you will find the full schedule for each day. Listen to all of them or just pick the best ones for you. I hope that none of them are still fat frighten though.

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January 27th 2014

  • 9:00am (EST) – Marc David, The Future of Nutrition: Overview and Key Highlights (This video is highly recommended as your introduction to the conference)
  • 10:00am (EST) – Mark Hyman, MD, Functional Medicine & Nutrition: The Future is Now
  • 11:00am (EST) – Pamela Peeke, MD, Food Addiction: The Latest Insights and Research
  • 12:00pm (EST) – David Perlmutter, MD, Nutrition and the Brain: The Latest Research
  • 1:00pm (EST) – Daniel Vitalis, Re-Wilding Our Food, Body and Self: An Inspirational and Practical Approach
  • 2:00pm (EST) – John Robbins, The Heart, Soul, and Politics of Food: Inspiration Words for Challenging Times
  • 3:00pm (EST) – JJ Virgin, Powerful Insights from One of America’s Favorite Nutritionists
  • 4:00pm (EST) – Jonathan Bailor, A Breakthrough Understanding of Calories, Metabolism, Weight Loss and Health
  • 5:00pm (EST) – Kathie Swift, RD, A Big Picture Nutrition View from one of America’s Leading Dieticians
  • 6:00pm (EST) – Joe Cross, Nutritional Inspiration and the Power of Personal Change
  • 7:00pm (EST) – Sayer Ji, Innovations, Advances, and Hot Topics in Nutrition
  • 8:00pm (EST) – David Wolfe, The Energetics of Food and a Passion for Healthy Living
  • 9:00pm (EST) – Sara Gottfried, MD, Hormones, Health and More

January 28th 2014

  • 10:00am (EST) – Gudni Gunnarsson, A Powerful Look at Food, Fitness and Personal Transformation
  • 11:00am (EST) – Donna Gates, Digestive Health into the Future
  • 12:00pm (EST) – Fabrizio Mancini, DC, Inspiration for Self Healing and a Well Nourished Life
  • 1:00pm (EST) – Jon Gabriel, Weight Loss Wisdom that Makes a Difference
  • 2:00pm (EST) – Sally Fallon Morell, Getting Back to the Best of Our Nutritional Roots
  • 3:00pm (EST) – Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, A New Approach to Children’s Health, Food Fussiness, and Digestion
  • 4:00pm (EST) – Michael Greger, MD, Unique Research Updates in Nutrition and Health
  • 5:00pm (EST) – Andrea Nakayama, Wise Advice from a Functional Nutritionist
  • 6:00pm (EST) – Martin Rosen, DC, Healing Wisdom and Practical Insights from Chiropractic Science
  • 7:00pm (EST) – Kelly Brogan, MD, Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatry
  • 8:00pm (EST) – Matt Stone, New and Surprising Thoughts on Food and Metabolism
  • 9:00pm (EST) – Cate Shanahan, MD, Nutrition, Epigenetics, and New Clinical Insights

January 29th 2014

  • 10:00am (EST) – Michael Murray, ND, Insights into Supplements, Nutrition and Health
  • 11:00am (EST) – Laura Klein, A Passion for Organic: Healthy Eating is Easier Than We think
  • 12:00pm (EST) – Paul Chek, A Holistic Approach to Nutrition, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Spiritual Growth
  • 1:00pm (EST) – Darya Rose, PhD, Practical Wisdom from A Foodist and Scientist
  • 2:00pm (EST) – Pierre Dukan, MD, Words of Wisdom from an International Nutrition Elder
  • 3:00pm (EST) – Liz Lipski, PhD, A Holistic Understanding of Digestion and Health
  • 4:00pm (EST) – Steven Sisskind, MD, 
What’s Inside Your Supplements?
  • 5:00pm (EST) – John Douillard, DC, Ayurvedic Wisdom Meets Modern Clinical Nutrition
  • 6:00pm (EST) – Dr. Peter Borten, Chinese Medicine Meets Modern Nutrition
  • 7:00pm (EST) – Julie Matthews, Autism, Nutrition, and Hope
  • 8:00pm (EST) – Leo Galland, MD, Important Nutrition & Health Insights from an Integrative Physician
  • 9:00pm (EST) – Chris Kresser, Great Ideas in Paleo, Personal Health, and Integrative Medicine

January 30th 2014

  • 10:00am (EST) – Neal Barnard, MD, Insights into Vegan Nutrition and Health
  • 11:00am (EST) – Alexandra Jamieson, Living a Delicious and Vital Life
  • 12:00pm (EST) – Heather White, Far Reaching Health Insights from an Environmental Advocate
  • 1:00pm (EST) – Jordan Reasoner, Important Nutrition Lessons from The Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  • 2:00pm (EST) – Jared Koch, Clean Eating, Clean Living
  • 3:00pm (EST) – Summer Bock, The Fun and Brilliance of Fermented Food
  • 4:00pm (EST) – Andrea Beaman, Food, Love, Cooking and Nourishment
  • 5:00pm (EST) – Barry Sears, MD, Insightful Nutrition Updates from the Originator of The Zone Diet
  • 6:00pm (EST) – Jacob Liberman, PhD, Words of Wisdom on Vision, Nourishment, and a Well-Lived Life
  • 7:00pm (EST) – Dr. Richard Oppenlander, Food Choices, Sustainability, and a Plant Based Approach
  • 8:00pm (EST) – Robyn O’Brien, Children, Allergies and Food Advocacy
  • 9:00pm (EST) – Mary Shomon, A Holistic Approach to Thyroid Health

January 31th 2014

  • 10:00am (EST) – Jonny Bowden, PhD, Great Ideas from a Renegade Nutritionist
  • 11:00am (EST) – Helayne Waldman, Ed.D, Women, Nutrition and Breast Health Etc.
  • 12:00pm (EST) – Peter Osborne, DC, Insights into Functional Medicine and Gluten Sensitivity
  • 1:00pm (EST) – David Katz, MD, A Physician’s Wisdom on Nutrition and Health
  • 2:00pm (EST) – Abel James, Nutrition, Creativity, and Inspired Living
  • 3:00pm (EST) – Scott Pittman, The Brilliance of Permaculture
  • 4:00pm (EST) – Robynne Chutkan, MD, Healthy Insights from an Integrative Gastroenterologist
  • 5:00pm (EST) – Emily Rosen, The Elegance of Mind Body Nutrition

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