By now, you know that I love success stories and one of my favorite Facebook pages is Wheat Belly. When they recently asked their amazing followers if they had experienced a reduction or reversal of any AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION with wheat/grain elimination?

They got these amazing comments:

I have lowered my thyroid antibodies from over 400 to 298 after one year wheat free. Keeping in mind that I have had Hashimoto’s for 20 Years and didn’t know about my wheat allergy, a 25% reduction is a decent improvement in only one year. Down 85 pounds now…

Yes. I am a new person head to toe. Literally. I mean even thick toe nails gone. Joint pain gone. Candida gone. Moods better. Appetite normal. Used to need to eat constantly. All better! I went grain free. Sugar free, with minimal hard cheeses being my only dairy. My digestive system has healed. My skin is amazing. Lost over 70 pounds too.

Since I went wheat and sugar free, my fibromyalgia is non-existent!!! it is amazing!!!

No more symptoms or meds for my Hashimoto’s, and I’m pregnant!

Lupus and RA. I can walk without much pain, whereas before, not only was I in immense pain, I could barely walk.

Yes, it has helped tremendously with inflammation and bloating from SLE and Leaky Gut Syndrome! Perfect lifestyle for me!

I lowered my thyroid antibodies thus my meds were lowered. My fasting A1c has improved from nearly a 7 to 5.7. My fibro pains are nearly non-existent as well. It’s a gradual thing so it will be fun to see how this “plays” out over time!

Thyroid antibodies lower from 3400 to 460 in an year FT 4 and FT3 higher I didn’t take synthetic hormone. Grains, dairy and legumes free

I have multiple sclerosis. I can FEEL the difference by going wheat/grain free. My symptoms are enhanced when I eat wheat and grains.

No more psoriasis, dermatitis, and sinus allergies reduced significantly. Down 17 lbs since May.

Not autoimmune but after 8 days, eczema almost cleared, after 9 years of different meds

Not autoimmune but the seasonal allergies that I’ve suffered from all my life are pretty much non existent now. Also, no more eczema.

Polymalgia Rheumatica…GONE!

Yes! I’m a new person. My fibro doesn’t run my life anymore

Fibro didn’t go away with wheat elimination but did with sugar and grain elimination.

I don’t have the joint pain daily like I used to. I used to be so stiff in the mornings but not anymore.

Kind of. I had PCOS for over a decade. About 3 months after going gluten-free, my doctor did tons of blood work, she said “from these results, I wouldn’t even diagnose you with PCOS any more!

RA reversed!

I went wheat, grain and dairy free and reduced my thyroid antibodies from greater than 1,000 to 160 in a few months. I’m never eating wheat again.

Yes, joint pain is gone now.

No more rosacea!

Chronic unexplained hives for 30 years, gone w/o wheat.

Massive reduction of inflammation dropped close to a 100 lbs.

I had been on proton pump inhibitors to help with stomach pain from “autoimmune gastritis” for 10 years. The problem went away after eliminating gluten. I was able to wean off the medication, my last UGI showed stomach lining no longer inflamed. My joint pain/muscle tenderness that my doc labeled fibromyalgia has also decreased to a very minimal level. I do have to avoid most all other grains also however, not just wheat. Some rice is OK (no discernible reaction).

Since going paleo, my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and sinus allergies are virtually gone, and migraines are few and far between instead of daily. I have gone from taking 5 prescriptions several times daily to one. I have my life back.

Type 1 diabetic son no longer uses insulin while eating the “wheat belly” way!

My migraines have stopped completely since going wheat free

Sometimes, the longer we’ve damaged our bodies with ‘junk’ the longer it can take for our bodies to repair. Don’t give up on wheat free, you may not feel it yet, but you are better off for it.

Seriously, after reading these comments, are there any doubts what grains, sugar, and sometimes dairy do to our bodies?

This is exactly why the LCHF lifestyle is so popular and successful. It’s naturally gluten-free and sugar-free and contains no processed foods; just eat REAL FOOD.

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