Watch this very informative video about how to heal your gut naturally.

When I did the post about poop I wrote about the importance of healing the gut; to be able to reverse many diseases and not create new ones. If you know that you have Celiac disease or Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and haven’t healed and sealed the gut completely, it is very important to do so.

Here are some quotes from The Gluten Summit about the importance of healing the gut:

The research reports that in people who have mental health issues like depression, anxiety and panic attacks, about ¾ of those people have IBS. And, when you can clear up the GI issues, you can almost always clear up the mental health issues – Dr. Liz Lipsky

There are more communication from the gut to the brain, than form the brain to the gut – Dr. Liz Lipsky

Every disease is born in the digestive system. When the gut flora becomes abnormal, the immune system simply cannot be normal. I’m absolutely convinced that all autoimmunity is born in the gut
– Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

The fact that your doctor doesn’t know that something is curable doesn’t mean that the knowledge doesn’t exist elsewhere. – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Worn out cells are replaced by new healthy cells. Every three months you have a new liver. Cells in the gut lining live for a few days and are replaced. The human body is amazing to heal itself. How? Support our body with good nutrition and remove the elements which damage new cells, by focusing on the gut. – Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride

The way Mother Nature designed the human body is perfect; to be beautiful, to be healthy, full of energy. Enjoy life, nobody is beyond hope, nobody! – Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride

Food is to your body what gas is to your car. After meals you should feel energized, happy, confident and ready to take on the day. If you are feeling bloated, tired, exhausted, drowsy, depressed; change fuel – Erica Kasuli

Symptoms are your body’s way of speaking to you. Listen to it! A laundry list of symptoms is not normal. – Erica Kasuli

Every forkful you put in your mouth is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. There are not neutrals except healthy water. Its our choice as to what we want to occur in our bodies. – Dr. Tom O’Bryan

It’s not about calories in, calories out. Its about lowering inflammation, and gluten, sugar and dairy increases inflammation in your body. – Erica Kasuli

Don’t hang out with unhealthy people. Find the healthiest people you can stand, and spend as much time around him or her as possible. – Dr. Daniel Amen

Resetting your immune system is like resetting your IPhone. PRP sprays reset the immune system and colostrum powder will help to heal the gut, if you have removed the triggers like gluten, sugar, dairy. – Dr . Andrew Keech

Practitioners must use trial and error elimination diet with patients. Eliminate gluten and other grains, sugar, dairy and legumes. Test it! – Dr. Loren Cordain

Ways to heal and seal the gut:

The GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha Campell McBride. Read about the GAPS diet here and here.
Or try to find a GAPS practitioner close to you. by Dr. Tom O´Bryan Find a Certified Gluten practitioner and discuss high quality Colostrum powder, PRP spray.

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