This is a great video with Ann Boroch ND a candida specialist. Is candida the root cause of your health problems? Take this test to see if you might have candida.

If you have Candida I recommend that you go on a strict candida diet for a minimum of three weeks up to three months.

A candida diet is a clean diet with:
Meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables growing above the ground (green cabbage in moderation), fermented vegetables, small amounts of cheese made of milk from a goat and/or a sheep, butter/ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, small amounts of seeds. A lot of filtered tap water.

All kinds of grains, rice, pasta, potatoes, bulgur, quinoa, root vegetables, red vegetables (except red onion), yellow vegetables, chips, popcorn, alcohol, all kinds of sugar and sweeteners, candy, ice-cream, chocolate, fruit, juice, soda, lemonade etc., dairy products (except butter/Ghee), nuts.
Limit the intake of coffee and tea. Choose herbal or rooibos tea.

If you need support, contact a Naturopathic doctor, to discuss supplements like L-glutamine, probiotics, krill oil etc.

Another alternative is the GAPS diet. Click here to learn what to eat when you are on the GAPS Diet

You will also want to sleep as many hours as you can every night.

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