In June of this year, when I moved back to Sweden from the U.S., I saw it. I saw that something amazing had happened to the 5-year old boy living close to us. The boy that one year prior hardly spoke, was now very different. I asked the family to write their story:

Look dad, I can ride my bicycle!

Those words from my son is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard, I will most likely remember that exact moment forever. Sure, it is a big thing for any parent when their kids learn to ride their bike, but for me that was the moment when I started to dare to have dreams about my son’s future again. At that point in time I had not dared to have any dreams at all for my sons future during the last 10 months.

About 10 months prior to the event described above I realized that my son has autism. For me it was a major shock, I knew absolutely nothing about autism and based on what I read I understood that I could take nothing for granted regarding how he would develop and how he would be as an adult.

At that time he spoke very little, his total vocabulary was about 5-10 words even though he was close to four years old. He was totally uninterested in other people and preferred to be in his own world. When he got angry it was impossible to reach through, he would just close himself and scream. One of many ways for me to handle the situation was to stop having dreams about his future, and just take it day by day. I simply didn’t dare to dream that he would one day have a fulfilling life because it felt so far away.

As time went by we read more and more about autism, and through a stroke of luck we happened to stumble across a book about food for people with autism (a Swedish book with the title “Mat för barn med autism & ADHD”). In short, the theory is that if you eliminate milk and gluten completely from the food for the autistic person then the autistic behavior will decline. My wife and I decided to give it a try for some months to see what happened.

In the beginning it was quite hard work, especially to eliminate milk. Milk powder is included in unbelievable amounts of different food, such as: sausages, meatballs, chips, and most other pre-processed food.

But it wasn’t long before we started to see results that motivated us highly!

After just a few weeks his behavior started to change. He started to talk so much more, he started to play more with his sisters, he learned to ride his bike (which he refused to sit on earlier), he started to take interest in other people, he stopped being in his own little world, he stopped having uncontrollable anger. But the major difference is that he turned into a happy boy, he’s smiling and enjoying life!

We have continued with the milk and gluten free diet and my son is constantly improving. I now have plenty of dreams for his future, and I highly recommend everyone in the same situation to give the milk and gluten free diet a try!


Do you want to see more happy children and parents around? If you do, forward this weeks message to eliminate grains/gluten, sugar, and in many cases even dairy.

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