This is delicious, real-fast-food, without a proper recipe.

  1. Cut good quality raw meat or poultry into pieces. You can even use ground beef.
  2. Slowly over low heat fry the meat in butter, ghee or coconut oil until done. Do not burn! Add salt and any other favorite spices.
  3. Add sliced vegetables like onions, broccoli, cauliflower, green cabbage, celery, bell pepper, or other favorites from the shopping list. Fry slowly for five minutes, or until done and add more spices if necessary.
  4. Eat it with a “quick-guacamole” – put the contents of some avocados in a bowl, mix it with a fork or a hand blender. Add salt and some drops of lemon juice.

Feel free to experiment with different kinds of meat and vegetables. Plan the meals otherwise it is easy to fail. Make sure to fry with enough butter, ghee or coconut oil, or add extra on when ready, because the fat and avocado will make you feel full.

Sit down by the dinner table and eat, as many meals as possible, with the rest of the family or your friends. Oh no, no TV, smart phone or computer; food is a family affair. It is well known that if you eat without concentrating on the food you will probably eat more than you need. Eat slowly until you feel full. Have a nice meal!

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