It makes me sad to hear about children with health problems; many of them are so young and already struggling with health issues. Read some of the quotes below for answers to why many of our children, and many of us, should not eat grains. Tell me afterwards; do you think becoming grain-free is a fad diet or is it a lifestyle worth trying for a period of time to see what will happen?

On October 21st Dr. Davis asked his Wheat Belly followers:

Parents: What have you noticed in your CHILDREN who have gone wheat and grain free?

Here are their comments:

My daughter went grain free in 8th grade. She lost 50 pounds, cut minutes off her mile time, and hardly ever gets sick. She is a senior now and has maintained her weight and her grain free lifestyle. She has not cheated in 4 years.

My daughter’s Graves Disease may be in remission! Keeping my fingers crossed!

He is 15 yrs old,: a weight loss of 50# in 5 months. Better skin, better sleep cycles, he feels great!

My 9 yo daughter had had chronic constipation since she was 3. No doctor, no specialist EVER recommended removing wheat or changing her diet in any way, except to give us a number of fiber grams to reach for each day. She has been on Miralax for years. My husband and I started researching and decided to eliminate wheat/gluten to see if it would help her. It took a while for US to consistently enforce it, but now she does not need the Miralax at all, and she finally feels so much better. With all due respect to Dr. Davis, I am not certain whether giving up wheat (and other grains) is necessary for everyone, but it has made such a difference for my daughter (and for me, which is another story). I so wish more doctors were trained to use food as medicine, to work with patients on diet, instead of prescribing chemicals.

Better attention spans, better sleep patterns, better skin, weight gain (were always in 25th percentile and finally made 50th).

My youngest was developmentally delayed as a baby starting about the the time he started eating solids like torn up pieces of bread, oatmeal, etc. By 18 months we knew something was wrong. Docs said he may be autistic. I did my own research and decided to put him on a GF diet. We immediately noticed a difference in him within about 48 hours. HUGE difference. He is 3 years old now and developmentally on track again. Also, when we put our other son on the GF diet, his eczema went away. To be honest we are not totally wheat/grain free, but we consume a lot less than most people and our children are GF. Eventually we will all be totally wheat/grain free, but we aren’t there yet.

Acne going away and no allergies.

Symptoms of autism greatly diminished, anger and tantrums GONE, sickness gone.

A better attitude, no sugar crash, better sleep, weight gain, ENERGY! We pick I them and tell them we are feeding them too good:) hehe. We are rarely sick. Concentration.

Where do I start? Fewer tantrums and less overall inability to control emotional outbursts. Less (much less) impulsive behavior. Less bickering. There’s a noticeable shift in the household atmosphere if they get wheat products. With 4 boys, wheat-free=sanity.

Our son is 14 months and we started him on a low carb high fat diet when we started giving him food (before that it was breast milk only). He is Full of energy, hasn’t gotten sick, and developmentally he at his one year checkup he was in the 15+ month range. Friends don’t understand it, but I know what the junk did to my body over the years and I don’t want it happening my kids.

Night terrors disappeared. Anxiety disappeared. GI improvements. Happier. He is able to be himself.

No more joint pain, tummy troubles, rashes, headaches and insomnia. And she grew 2 inches in a month!

My 6 year old daughter has been diagnosed with “Failure to Thrive” since birth and she always complained about being tired. She’s had numerous allergy tests, she’s been scoped, been put on a high calorie diet, etc. We even drove to Philadelphia Children’s Hospital for a consultation. Out of desperation, we decided to make our family went wheat free this past spring. Last week she had a well visit at the pediatrician and she is finally in the double digits for bmi!!! We had given up on doing anything more medically and though we knew it would be difficult, we wanted to give grain free living a try. The kids (we have 4) still complain and it’s hard when we’re away from the house, but to see our daughter fill out and have more energy makes it all worth it!

My son’s teacher commented that he is much more “mature”, no emotional outbursts, able to handle difficult situations, great progress. This improvement is due to not only eliminating grains but also to adding healthy fats. The brain needs food to thrive. Thank you Dr. Davis for all your knowledge, I am a happy mom.

Migraines in one son have disappeared. Stomach/digestive problems have disappeared in another son. All my sons behaviors have improved a lot!

My daughter has been wheat free for 5 years, but when we went wheat free she was 6. She did not test positive for celiac in the blood test but they told us she has a level 2 allergy on a scale of 0-6 so it was pretty mild, but worth a try to go off it and see what happens. First, her terrible eczema that we had been treating with steroids for years vanished within a week, her asthma improved immensely, her behavior changed for the better, her bloated stomach went away, her bowel problems that were keeping her out of class improved and she lost 14 lbs. pretty incredible!

Allergies to dogs…gone!! Also…stomach irritation and unexplainable pain all gone! Our entire family has gone grain free….best thing we’ve ever done!

My 14 year old daughter has Tourette’s Syndrome and has been wheat free since Jan ’14. Her tics have subsided by 90%. She has also lost 20 pounds and has seen a huge improvement in the condition of her skin.

Ages 16, 13 and 8. Better overall behavior, ability to focus increased, 16 year old lost her ‘baby chub’, she’s a lean size 4, the 13 and 8 year old have defined stomach muscles, no acne, increased energy levels, improved sleep patterns, asthma in 13 year old hasn’t been an issue since, better grades with the 13 and 16 year old. My chronic stuffy nose and season allergies and eczema are GONE. No one can tell me that this is a fad diet. My husband too ‘accidentally’ lost 9 pounds the first 6 months.

My 12 year old autistic son is in the early stage of Hypothyroidism. Since giving up grains, soy, dairy, sugar & processed foods. His TSH has lowered a little & fingers crossed I’m hoping it will continue to reverse. The years of joint pain in his legs have gone. He has lost weight, his oedema, very dry skin, eczema & hives have gone, his skin is looking clearer & feeling softer. His stomach issues have gone, no more swinging from constipation to diarrhea. No longer tired, has more energy & his sleep pattern has improved. His behavior & attention span has improved a lot, no more tantrums, even his school has noticed the transformation & can’t believe how much he has changed. He’s like a different child.

After taking my 10 year old, overweight daughter off wheat, she is at a healthy weight for her height, her asthma is gone with no more inhalers, her GERD that was so severe the doctor wanted to put her on an acid blocker, is gone (confirmed by scope), and the spot of eczema that has been on her leg for the past 4 years despite 3 different topical medications, is almost cleared up. My parents didn’t think it was wise to cut out a whole food group but my response was, it most certainly is wise when it’s poison!

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