This is the second part of a two part series, check out the first post if you missed it, about when Dr. Davis asked his followers on Wheat Belly Facebook page:

Parents: What have you noticed in your CHILDREN who have gone wheat- and grain-free?

Our 5 1/2 year old is no longer falling asleep unexpectedly during the day. She is in better spirits, has no more sudden mucus-like bowel movements or diarrhea, has no more rashes on bottom or backs of arms and is overall soooo much better!!

No more eczema on his chin. MUCH better sleep.

They are much healthier over all! My son had failure to thrive two years ago. Doctors did not think it was the grains. I on the other hand decided to be Doctor Mom and eliminated grains and two years later and my son is doing fantastic!! Also two years ago my kids seemed to get chronic staph and strep infections . My one daughter even ended up in the hospital for two days on IV antibiotics for two days for a staph infection. Today 2 1/2 years later strep and staph infections are gone. In fact notices have already gone home in both my daughter’s classes at school that there have been a lot of strep cases at the school. But my daughters have not gotten it !
It is so good to be grain free!!!

Both kids much calmer, way less tantrums, much happier. My 6 yr old’s teacher commented she’s more settled in class at school. My 4 yr old is sleeping beautifully now and is no longer very tired or tantrumy most of the day. A much happier, healthier family here for giving up wheat!

My son’s asthma gone. He used to go to a counselor for ADHD, now it’s not necessary. He’s now a great student, with all A’s & B’s. Before he struggled to focus and even though he’s so smart got C’s & D’s. He doesn’t wake up multiple nights a week crying with a stomach ache and sometime puking. All because we cut out wheat and drastically cut his sugar intake.

Better attitudes, better attention, less hyperactivity…

Less aggression and anger in my son. Less outbursts.

Digestive issues disappeared and after around 5 months of total gluten-free his monthly mystery fevers ceased. thank God!!

My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year. I put her on a wheat-free diet a month after her diagnosis. Last week she had one of her visits to the endocrinologist (every 3 months)and the doctor told her that her A1c is better than most diabetics. That is awesome news!!

My child has type 1 diabetes. Off all grains and high carb food. Blood glucose and hba1c in non diabetic range. Perfect blood lipid profile. He’s probably healthier than the child who eats the standard high carb diet.

Chronic constipation, the kind that kept her in the bathroom screaming for help, gone in one week without gluten. That was 3 years ago. She’s 8, and we’ve never looked back. Her teachers saw a difference behaviorally, though I can’t say we did at home.

No more chronic diarrhea, no eczema, better behavior, better sleep and more energy.

6 and 8 year old girls, no more IBS, constipation and diarrhea, canker sores, Aches and pains, brain fog… Belly bloat gone…. better emotional control, better behaved, better grades and reports from teachers. No downside!

After being labeled as a severe asthmatic at 2, my now 15 year old son has been symptom free for 2 years since going grain free…. My 17 year old daughter had severe migraines, GONE!

My daughters migraines and constant stomach aches went away going gluten free. She started at five and has been successfully gluten free for two years! Her eczema disappeared as well.

I have seen amazing results in just 2 weeks. My 5yo is much less angry and irritable. He is more talkative. He has much more energy to play. His hyperactivity has decreased and his listening skills have improved. My 17month old is sleeping better and is overall more content. I could not be happier:-)

My daughter was diagnosed with Fibromialgia and since going GF she has been feeling a million times better, going GF has been the best change in our lives!

At age 2 my sons Asthma and allergies improved, he is much happier and more flexible, less aggressive and emotional, his speech delays rapidly improved and autism concerns were cleared almost overnight. Unbelievable really.

My youngest has better behavior, it’s like he’s a different kid, no more whining and moodiness. He’s got better digestion (was chronically constipated for years) and he’s growing! He wasn’t growing properly because of poor digestion/inability to absorb nutrition. My older ones who are teenagers, their acne and moodiness/sleepiness/fatigue goes away when they don’t eat wheat and dairy.

First thing I noticed was my daughters (10yrs old) eczema went away and her skin got smoother and clearer. She also no longer needs her inhaler for asthma. That was only after about 2 weeks of being wheat/gluten free.

My daughter has always tried to remain healthy and active but she has always had a slight belly on her as well as little love handles. We were both shocked that when shopping for school clothes this year she went down a size. Her belly is almost completely flat.

My son’s arthritis was healed!

My daughter- hives and foot fungus went away. My son- had molluscum contagiosum all over his body- probably about 60 of them – now all gone.

OMG!!! My older daughter has turned into a different child in the one month she’s gluten free. All the bloat is gone, no canker sores. Losing weight and much more energy!!!!

Reduction/elimination of night time anxiety. Reduction in eczema.

No more diarrhea or vomiting 2 hours after bedtime due to acid reflux.

No eczema. No dandruff. Healthy weight. Never sick. Lack of asthma!

My son has been since birth. He is now 16 months old and had a bad cold during a very cold winter last year but that’s it. He has never had to be on antibiotics, is very smart and observant, friendly, and healthy. He doesn’t overeat or want to AND I have been about 95% wheat free while breastfeeding and he rarely ever spit up, has had no gas, no colic, no allergy or acid reflux issues.

Constipation gone. Joint pain gone. Tummy aches gone.

No more migraine. No need for a mid day nap. Tons of energy. No more eczema.

Complete turn around for my daughter who is 15 and a year and a half gluten and grain free…no anxiety…no more illness… She used to avoid social situations because her stomach was always sick and now she’s flourishing.

Better digestion! My 8 yr old daughter has ALWAYS had digestion issues but now that she’s grain (and mostly dairy) free, she is “regular” and doesn’t ever suffer from stomach pains. She also toned up, sleeps much better and is overall a happier child.

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